Why Shoemoney should pick me for Affiliate Summit West…

December 28, 2010

OK, this is not Windows 8 related but because this is my blog and I have the power to do whatever, here it is anyway.

Jeremy Schoemaker is having an affiliate summit west contest (Affiliate Summit West is an affiliate marketing conference –  that I really would like to go to).

The winner will receive:

  • A platinum pass to Affiliate Summit West.
  • 2 nights hotel accommodations paid for at host hotel.
  • $500 Airfare Reimbursement.
  • $2000 to gamble on 1 hand of blackjack (can you handle the pressure?).
  • Roll with Jeremy at Affiliate Summit.
  • A pass to the Epic Advertising Playboy Mansion Party this fall.

For those who dont know Jeremy is the (suckup starts here) man when it comes to affiliate marketing and making money online. As the CEO of Shoemoney Media Group, his blog Shoemoney.com shares his ups and downs in the world of online marketing to a loyal daily readership of over 30,000 people. His blog ShoeMoney.com has been named the Best Affiliate Marketing Blog and ranks in Technorati’s top 50 blogs for the past three years. (Suckup ends here).

In order to win the aforementioned goodies, I have to write a post and explain why I should win.

I’ll make this tight and concise.

My name is Onuora Amobi and I run this blog (and several others online).

In my former life, I was a six figure IT consultant who installed enterprise software for a living and hated every second of it.

I found websites and online marketing in 2002 and 6 years later (during the great Global Financial Crisis) quit my day job and started my own company – Nnigma Inc.

2 years into working for myself and managing my web properties, I couldn’t be happier. I get to do what I love all day and make lots of money doing it – seems so good it just doesnt seem fair.

Some links about me to put all this into proper context…

Why should I get picked to go with Jeremy?

Simple, I believe I simply have the coolest story out of all the potential people who he could pick.

Think about it.

An African (from Nigeria) comes to America, gets a college degree in Marketing and Information systems, makes a six figure income his second year out of college and gets bored the year after that, gets busy learning about websites at night in hotel rooms in different parts of America (after consulting all day). After being in love/obsessed with the web for so many years, this (now American Citizen) gets to do it all day every day for himself, has a higher income and standard of life than most people, gets to spend quality time with his wife and child and has an audience of 6 million visitors a year combined with his websites.

Beat that.

Did I mention that I love Vegas, would love to meet Jeremy in person and would be the funniest, most charismatic guest he could have?

Beat that.

Oh and finally, I actually would be interested in the summit too. It would be fun.

That’s all.. Thanks for listening to me Shoemoney Staff.

Let’s make this happen.

Either way, this was fun to write… now back to the grind..

Onuora Amobi

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