Why Steven Sinofsky Will Never Run Out Of Pocket Change

claims (citing official documents of the US Securities and Exchange Commission) that Sinofsky owns around 650,000 shares of Microsoft stocks. Which going by today’s closing price of Microsoft shares ($26.50) puts the overall value of Sinofsky’s shares at nothing less than $17.5 million. You don’t say! Of course, this is a few truckloads behind the amount of shares Microsoft’s CEO Steve Ballmer possess. 333 million — and just to be perfectly clear I am talking about the number of shares, not how much they are worth. Those among you with a razor sharp brain may have already calculated a ballpark estimate value of Ballmer’s shares, which by the way comes in at $15.9 billion. Not bad, if you ask me. Particularly when you add the fact that this makes him the 19th richest American. Not bad at all. Anyway, while the technology world is going through the numbers and figures, it is also waiting for the official reason of Sinofsky’s departure. Official or not, this is such a high profile affair, that information will come out – one way or another, today or tomorrow. Watch this space.]]>

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