Wi-Fi Bug Has Started Affecting Surface Pro Owners Too

This is one problem that just does not disappear. The irritating issue that has plagued a few Surface RT tablets ever since launch seems to have shown its ugly face on Surface Pro tablets as well.

Users have confirmed on Microsoft’s official support forums that they experienced a Wi-Fi connectivity problem on their Surface Pro slates, and just as the case with Surface RT, no workaround is available:

“I have a Surface Pro and symptoms are during any large file transfer the nic goes to ‘limited’ and only a reboot restores connectivity. I have this issue on a Surface Pro. Mostly occurs in our offices with Cisco Aironet APs but also with my AT&T hotspot.”

Microsoft did mention in its February’s Patch Tuesday that the update included fixes for Wi-Fi connectivity for its Surface RT tablet, though promised another more elaborate solution in a following Patch Tuesday release.

The next one is not be that far off and we should hear more about what solution Redmond has planned for this pesky little problem in probably a week or so.

Reports suggest that this issue is affecting hundreds of tablets, and though a few unofficial workarounds have been suggested, they are complex and, again, unreliable.

It’s no secret that the software giant is having a bit of a bother correctly replicating the issue on their end, and a solid reliable fix itself is not all that easy if word on the street is believed. Apparently there are many variables involved, but nevertheless, this is one problem Microsoft would like to see an end to.

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