Will Microsoft Increase Windows Prices?

Buzz among the bees is that Microsoft could increase its Windows licensing plans, and the company is eyeing certain types of PCs for this move that is sure to have an impact on prices.

Most specifically, those high-end computers that are on the premium end of the market.

Now, admittedly, the report comes from a rather sketchy source, but it is being claimed that the Redmond based company wants to charge more for systems that are equipped with powerful hardware configurations.

Think the latest top of the line CPUs, displays like OLEDs, large amounts of RAMs and all that.

No decision has been made in this regard just yet.

But if the company does introduce this change, then OEMs will have to pay more for a Windows license for their devices. Ultimately, this will drive the prices up a notch and essentially put more pressure on the hardware partners.

Most of which are already struggling with increasing component costs.

If this move does come into play, it will not be the first time the software titan revised prices in this fashion. It was only last year that Microsoft made changes to its licensing fees, which drove the price tags of certain machines up.

In any case, it looks like that a decision in this regard is on the table after the second quarter.

Which is to say, after the Redstone 4 update, also known as the Spring Creators Update, is broadly available to customers the world over. The rollout of this new version is set to begin early next month, and new devices are set to follow shortly thereafter.

Microsoft is, of course, yet to comment on this report, so take it with a generous helping of salt until we hear something more official.

But in the meantime, let us know your thoughts on this.

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