Will Nokia be Making a Windows 8 Tablet?

something new besides phones. Logically that has got to be a tablet right? I mean, there’s no other new market that looks like it has potential just like the tablet market does. And even if you take Elop’s quote literally, he said, “…this is more than just smartphones, there’s a broader opportunity here.” Tablets are basically just broader (or wider if you prefer) versions of smartphones without the ability to call. (Most of the time.) So if Nokia does make a tablet, what will it do for Nokia? Well for starters (I think I’ve said this before when I was speculating on whether Dell or HP were going to make Windows 8 tablets, but I’ll say it again.) Windows 8 is this fresh new platform that is not blocked off from everyone, ( iOS ) yet isn’t available for every tiny little company that wants to make a tablet and can’t afford to use an operating system that costs over $100. Yes, there are way too many Android tablets. Though, of course, if every major electronics company decides that they want a piece of Windows 8, then Windows 8 won’t be as special anymore and may become a second Android, but let’s hope that doesn’t happen. I would actually be pretty excited if Nokia did make a Windows 8 tablet. Nokia has made some pretty cool phones in the past, and oversees, I’ve seen some Nokia phones and they look really good. So who knows what they can do for a tablet? Source]]>

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