Will Windows 10X launch this month?

March 2, 2021
Windows 10X Wallpaper

Are we there yet? Almost. Microsoft is working on a new version of Windows, which if reports are to be believed is going to be called The New Windows.

It is, of course, the marketing name for Windows 10X.

This lightweight version of the OS is expected to be announced sometime this month. At least, as per Microsoft leaker WalkingCat, who first floated a time frame of this month, then clarified that the release may be delayed.

Though he backs his claim of Windows 10X launching this year for sure.

Earlier, it was believed that this new variant of the OS would be built from the grounds up for dual-screen devices. But Microsoft had a quiet change of heart, and changed the plans to launch this new platform on single-screen devices first.

Including laptops and tablets.

Now, though, there are hints that this new OS will enter the ring as a challenger to Chromebooks and their dominance in the US education market.

Windows 10X will come preinstalled on PCs specifically designed for it, with these low-cost models having education and corporate users are their target audience. The target market will shift to consumers later down the road, as more features come online.

Including support for traditional desktop programs, which is missing from the initial launch.

This shift in release dates also means that Microsoft may be planning to release Windows 10 21H1 first, as a major full feature upgrade to Windows 10.

The New Windows, or Window 10X as it is known, will follow suit.

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