Will Windows 7 Tablets Be Discounted When Windows 8 Arrives On Scene?

Archos 9 PC Tablet runs for about $429, new. Granted this isn’t a super-powered machine but is fairly capable. In another year if these get slashed down when W8 tablets arrive, and people sale their current A9 PC Tablets used on Ebay… well let’s just say a smart shopper could find themselves a good deal. I might be a tad bit too optimistic with this, but imagine that I get an A9 PC Tablet off ebay for $200-$250. Considering by this point it’s likely a 1-2 year old tablet and used, I think this is a reasonable price point. Add $100-$120 for Windows 8, and you have an x86 tablet for around $350. In comparision, most ARM Windows 8 tablets will likely target around $200-$500 based on polls and research. What do you think about trying to get a good deal by upgrading Windows 7 tablets? Will this really save any money for consumers like me, or is it a waste of time? I hope that I can get a good deal, but it will come down to what ARM offers for prices and other factors that I can only speculate on for now.]]>

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