Will Windows 8 even be called Windows 8?

Interesting article from Softpedia today.

There has always been speculation about exactly what the name of the new operating system from Microsoft would be after the success of Windows 7.

Obviously in light of the fact that due to it’s popularity, Windows 7 kept it’s codename and was eventually released with it, it has only been natural for people to speculate about the same thing happening with Windows 8.

The article from Softpedia may give some pause…

The details were published on a blog post from January 31st, 2010, titled “What’s in store for the next Windows.” (via ActiveWin). The post has since then been removed, but users can still access it via Google Cache and read it entirely.

Another aspect discussed in the article is the Windows 8 moniker. According to the PM, there’s little point in calling the successor of Windows 7 Windows 8, since the label is not definitive.

Steven Sinofsky, president, Windows and Windows Live Division, objected in the past to the use of Windows 8 label for Windows vNext.

And of course, there’s no guarantee that Windows 8 will be the official brand under which the next iteration of the client will be released to customers, even though codename Windows 7 ended up as Windows 7.


It would definitely be interesting if they threw a curveball with this one…

What name do you think Microsoft should use for the next version of Windows?

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