Will Windows 8 Really be the Name of the Next Version of Windows?

September 27, 2011

Windows 8 This one is the most probable out of this entire list. I mean, everyone is already calling the next version of Windows “Windows 8.” It also makes sense. People will know that this generation of Windows is the one that comes after Windows 7. It makes a lot more sense to consumers than a random name like Windows Vista. Though this makes sense chronologically, aesthetically, it’s boring. It’s just the name of the operating system, then a number. Windows ∞ (Infinity)  This, I think, is a great idea. It has the symbolism of the 8 lying on its side and it subconsciously says that Windows will be around forever. This also would be a nice name to keep for the future if Microsoft decides to merge all of their operating systems into one all-purpose OS. There is a problem with this name though. If Microsoft does decide to use this as the name for the next version of Windows, it would be hard to beat. What’s bigger than infinity? Nothing. That’s why this name might be better for the giant operating system that might be in Microsoft’s future. Windows 360 I don’t like this one as much as the others. It’s been used by Microsoft for the Xbox since 2005 and it just seems old. It also doesn’t seem to fit in with computing at all. I think a better choice would be Windows 720. It sounds like a combination of all the platforms that Microsoft has. Windows Tiles This might work when you are thinking about the Metro user interface, but when you really think about it, it’s basically putting two parts of a house together into one name. “Windows Tiles” just sounds wrong. This option will probably never happen though. If Microsoft was going to name the next version of Windows after the user interface they would probably use they would probably use the last option on this list. Windows Metro Other than the obvious choice of “Windows 8,” this name is probably the most likely to be used. It just makes sense. Everything made by Microsoft these days either has or will get the Metro user interface. This also would be a good name for the possible all purpose operating system. The only good reason Microsoft would have for not naming the next version of Windows “Windows Metro” is because they have never done it before. By that I mean naming the version of Windows after the user interface. There’s no “Windows Aero” or “Windows Luna.” But those aren’t even really good reasons though. Source What do you think? Will Microsoft use a name other than Windows 8 for the next version of Windows? I’m interested in what you have to say.]]>

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  • Paul Thurrott noticed that it’s called the Windows Developer Preview and not the Windows 8 Developer Preview.  This makes it look as though Microsoft are considering dropping the version number altogether.  They may just use the names Windows and Windows Phone.

    Adrian September 27, 2011 7:42 am Reply

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