Will Windows Phone be consolidated under Steven Sinofsky?

Infoworld have a fascinating take on the events that occurred over the past few weeks with the shakeup of the former Windows Phone President. To recap, Microsoft moved Andy Lees, the current head of its Windows Phone business to a new role. Terry Myerson, the corporate VP who has led engineering efforts for the phone unit, got the new top job’s responsibilities. In addition, he will own business development, marketing and other responsibilities. Now Infoworld is speculating that the puppetmaster in this new play may be Steven Sinofsky. The article insinuates that the real reason the leadership change happened is that Windows Phone 8 would be folded into the Windows 8 family and would ALSO get rolled up to Steven Sinofsky by the end of next year. For all those who were sceptical about my article stating that Steven Sinofsky was the candidate for the Microsoft CEO position or the rumor on this site that Ballmer has plans to leave, seems like it’s making more and more sense. Once again, read the Infoworld article. It’s fascinating.]]>

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