Win $500 – tell us what your vision for Windows 9 is

tell us what your vision for Windows 9 is. So we are now fully focused on Windows 9 thanks to WZOR and Thurrott. Over the next few months, we will be examining what new (or old) technology Microsoft is going to try and stuff into this “new” release of Windows. I’m a little flush with money right now so I thought that this would be a good time to have a competition.

Lets Think Differently

Paul Thurrott basically is hinting that Windows 9 may be a lot less radical than we would like to see. Time will tell but I want to hear from you all about what you think the next version of Windows should look like. So here’s the deal. Use the comments below or our contact form and send us a detailed description of what the next version of Windows should be.
  • It can be text but it has to be 500 words or less.
  • It can be in comments below
  • You can send in a Youtube Video (5 minutes or less)
  • You can also link to screenshots if you like.
The 2 most original concepts will win $500 each (via Paypal) and will be featured on this site. Here’s the catch: It has to be REALLY REALLY original. No bullshit that we have all heard before. It has to be something that will make people stop and give you a thumbs up!  Remember – Microsoft scans through these pages as well so you never know if you end up influencing the next version of the Windows Operating System. This will run for 30 days and if I get enough original concepts, I will have readers vote on them here. Once again, tell us what you would like to see in Windows 9 and you might win some cash. This should be fun.]]>

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