Windows 10 19H1 Replaces The Classic Volume Mixer

Brace for more changes, everybody! Looks like Microsoft has another modification lined up for the upcoming Windows 10 19H1. The classic Volume Mixer seems like a goner in this version.

Instead, this legacy option will be transferred to the modern interface that is part of the Settings app.

And well, the userbase is not happy.

Not happy, at all.

Specifically, as noted here, the most recent preview build of this version of the OS no longer launches the classic volume mixer. Prior to build 18272, users who right-clicked the volume icon in the system tray and clicked the Volume Mixer got access to the legacy interface.

But since Redmond has been working to consolidate these options under a single umbrella, using the shortcut now directs users to a page in Settings.

This is in the recently released build 18272, of course.

And this is how it looks:

Windows Volume Mixer

The page had been there for a while, but this is the first time Microsoft has made the decision to entirely override the old pane with its modern equivalent in the operating system.

Worth a mention that the old mixer has not been entirely removed, though. But this change may well be the first step towards the eventual deprecation of the classic feature from future Windows 10 versions.

And it goes without saying that people have not taken too kindly to this feature.

As this thread on Reddit makes clear, users are not exactly happy having to use a full-screen window just to change some sliders. Neither are they too impressed with how slow and unintuitive the whole experience is, compared to the previous implementation.

However, all that could, and should, change in time, as things are in the earliest of stages right now.

Windows 10 19H1 is due out in April next year. And at this point, the software titan is more interested in trying out these changes and gathering feedback from the userbase that are testing these builds out.

Your thoughts on these changes, though?

Like them, or do you feel Microsoft should be doing a better job?

Let’s hear it.

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