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Windows 10 2004 might not have the focused inbox feature

It’s looking like Microsoft might remove the Focused Inbox feature in Windows 10 2004

Members of the Windows Insider’s program have found another interesting change in the latest build of Windows 10 – 2004.

It seems that in the latest insider version of the Mail app, the Focused Inbox feature has been removed.

At this point, it’s not clear if this is a bug or the feature has actually been formally removed.

focused inbox
focused inbox

Now the Focused Inbox feature is still present on and in the Insider version of Office Outlook so it’s unclear whether there is still deliberation within Microsoft about the removal of this feature.

What is Focused Inbox in Windows 10?

It is an auto-generated inbox that filters important email into a special, ‘focused’ tab. Focused Inbox is a long standing Outlook feature.

A similar feature called ‘tabbed inbox‘ is present in Gmail. Gmail sorts social media, forum updates, and promotions emails into separate tabs.

You can see a brief video about this from Microsoft.

What do you think about the Focused Inbox feature?

Would the removal of Focused Inbox be a problem for you?

Let us know in the comments below.

Written by Mike Johnson

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