What Will Windows 10 2021 Updates Be About?

What Will Windows 10 2021 Updates Be About?

Speculations are rife regarding a significant Windows 10 operating system update; due to be launched in 2021. The update has codenamed as ‘Sun Valley’ has expected to get shipped as part of the Windows 10 “Cobalt” release set for the holiday 2021 season.

The refreshed design and user experience will be an evolution of the Fluent Design and not a complete overhaul or a redesign of the operating system. Sources are terming the update as just an improved version of the operating system, credited for its familiarity among users.

However, a radical change is not in the plans.

New Additions to Windows 10 2021

New additions to the systems control in the Settings app is a much-awaited move. Windows 10, launched in 2015, had a new Settings app but some settings and toggles still appear in the Control Panel. A more streamlined Settings could offer users a much more fluid experience.

The reimagined design has reported being led by the Windows Devices and Experiences team. This is exciting news for all Windows users worldwide as Chief Product Officer Panos Panay has worked on recreating and improving the user experience through the Surface line of devices.

The industry has critically applauded these devices for their innovative form-factors, new hardware features, and industrial design. Windows 10 2021 Sun Valley update could mean a design refresh, however not make the operating system completely unrecognizable.

What Will Windows 10 2021 Updates Be About?

Modern Feature: Sun Valley

The possibility of better animations and modern features along with an updated File Explorer and Start Menu are in line with Microsoft’s push towards improving user experience and living up to the expectations of a modern and lightweight platform.

The updated Taskbar is expected to have a modern code. The improved user experience is likely to be based on Windows 10X but tailored for the desktop version.

The tablet experience has also expected to change majorly with the update. A redesigned keyboard and fluid animations could offer a reimagined experience for the users. The Windows Insider Dev Channel has been mentioning a redesigned touch keyboard and an emoji picker. It is likely to be all a part of the Sun Valley update.

Wider adoption of WinUI has expected across the Windows Shell and in-box apps. A dark mode user interface is also likely to get supported by more legacy user interface areas.

The Sun Valley update does not include a new design language. The update aims to offer a more consistent look and feel of the operating system for the legacy Windows desktop.

Modern Features Different from Other Windows

An improved look and feel of the operating system for PC users have been long overdue. But sources suggest that the new update transition will not be similar to the Windows 7 to Windows 8 transition.

The update has also expected to include choosing between the new and old experiences for some features. This shows that the software giant has focused on the convenience and comfort of the millions of Microsoft users worldwide.

What Positive News Lies in Windows 10 2021 Updates

Since the Windows 10 launch in July 2015, the interface has remained mainly unchanged. The Sun Valley update could be the first significant change and has likely driven by Panos Panay, who took up the responsibility for Windows’ future in February.

The recent tweaks released by the company since 2015 were appreciated. But a redesign in terms of user experience is positive news to look forward to in Windows 10 2021.

Microsoft has known to change its plans closer to the scheduled launch. And, there is a possibility that there could be more in the final update than these speculations.

Previously, a dual-display centric OS was rumored to be included in Windows 10X. The Cobalt development has planned to end in June 2021, which means that the Sun Valley update needs to have its design work and underlying code in the next seven months. There could be a change in the expected features during this period or even a delay in plans.

The final product could have more features than what we know of so far, but it would be safe to believe that the update will be centered towards a ‘better user experience.’

Modern and Lightweight System 

Panos Panay believes in changing the stereotype associated with Windows – convenience, and comfort over style. Sun Valley could become the change the operating system needs to finally be considered as a modern and lightweight system with an essential focus on user experience.

Recently, as part of the Windows 10 catalog update, the dated Adobe Flash Player was removed before the end of support scheduled for December 31.

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