Windows 10 22H2 may have new features, after all

August 1, 2022

Windows is family. And family means no one gets left behind! Microsoft may be fully focused on the latest and greatest version of Windows, rolling out new features like clockwork for Windows 11.

But this does not mean that the older versions of the OS, are left in the dust.

Certainly, not Windows 10, which still is the most used version of the operating system out there by far, and one that the software titan has promised to support until 2025. Obviously, many expected this support to be for security threats, not features, but things could always change.

And they are.

The next feature update for Windows 10, known as version 22H2, is now out for testing in the Release Preview channel of the preview program.

But the story goes a bit beyond that.

Microsoft went a step ahead and actually teased some possible new features for this older version of the operating system. The company quietly updated the original blog post to clarify that while this new build is for validating the servicing pipeline, more is incoming.

This note for Brandon LeBlanc at the top, makes clear:

“This build is focused on validating the servicing technology. Windows 10, version 22H2 has a scoped set of features and Microsoft will share more details on this update later this year.”

Sure, the Redmond based company did not officially list or go into detail of what features we can expect from Windows 10 22H2. Or, if at all, they will be substantial in nature.

But even if we go with this simple quote, a scoped set of features is more than what many users were prepared for. More so, going by the past few releases that have been truly barebones in terms of new additions.

The update may still be light, but it does appear that it will at least include some new options.

These changes may largely focus on continuing and refining the Windows 10 experience rather than introducing new capabilities — that is still reserved for Windows 11. Still, even if Microsoft continues along these tracks with Windows 10 version 22H2, not many would mind.

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