Windows 10 Annoying Users With Full Screen Prompt

Annoyed Laptop User

Oh, come on! There are ways to promote, and there are ways to annoy. Guess where in the spectrum does this one fall. A full screen prompt in Windows 10 that is enough to sink your heart.

The operating system is still reeling from ads promoting Edge and Bing.

And now, someone at Microsoft had this funny idea of covering the entire screen with a scary looking prompt that asks you to set up services enabled by your Microsoft account.

This is the type of message that is typically seen after a system update. Or when you first set up Windows on your computer. But some users have encountered it simply after singing out and signing back in into their account.


This is how it looks:

Windows 10 Full Screen Prompt

And the message starts with the innocuous notion of “Let’s make Windows even better”, listing about half a dozen services that you can set up using your Microsoft account. You know, all the good stuff like Windows Hello, Your Phone, OneDrive, and more.

Only that a sudden display of a full screen message like this is enough to surprise users, leading them to think that they may have pressed a wrong key, or reset their PC, or have fallen victim to a Windows Update error.

It’s a blue screen, after all.

Apparently, this same prompt was used by Microsoft last year to encourage people to use its apps and services. The software titan was not as aggressive back then, though, and presented it only to users who had installed an update.

Luckily, it’s not that hard to hide this prompt — without damaging anything along the way.

Simply go to Settings, and then System. There, navigate over to Notifications and Actions, and then uncheck the Suggest ways I can finish setting up my device to get the most out of Windows checkbox to resolve this latest issue.

You can also disable the Get tips, tricks and suggestions as you use Windows and Show me the Windows welcome experience options while you’re here.

That done, you will not have to worry about Windows 10 getting on its own way again.

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