Windows 10 Antivirus Comes To Android

Windows Defender ATP for Android

A few months after Microsoft promised an expansion to mobile devices, the company has launched Microsoft Defender ATP for Android. The security solution is currently available as a preview build.

And it comes with several built-in protection modules to keep your devices safe.

Microsoft Defender ATP comes to Android with support for Microsoft Endpoint Manager, allowing security teams all they need to better manage a compromised device and prevent unauthorized access to sensitive data.

As the company explains:

“A compromised device would be blocked from accessing Outlook email. When Microsoft Defender ATP for Android finds that a device has malicious apps installed, it will classify the device as “high risk” and will flag it in the Microsoft Defender Security Center. Microsoft Intune uses the device’s risk level in conjunction with pre-defined compliance polices to activate Conditional Access rules that block access to corporate assets from the high-risk device.”

Just what you would expect from a security solution carrying a Microsoft logo.

Getting back to the feature set, we have the web protection section that includes an anti-phishing engine. Phishing is one of the most common threats on mobile devices, and this antivirus checks links that are sent via browsers, emails, SMS, WhatsApp, and other applications.

If it finds that the website is used for phishing, it is instantly blocked.

Notifications are also sent, while users are provided options to either allow the connection, report it safe, or dismiss the warning.

Microsoft Defender SmartScreen also steps up to block unsafe network connections that malicious apps may try to create after infecting an Android device.

Rounding up the feature set for Microsoft Defender ATP for Android is malware scanning, virus signatures, as well as cloud protection to block potentially dangerous files. It also automatically performs a scan when installing apps, even if the app has been downloaded from a safe source.

Pretty feature packed arrival this, and you can hit up the link above for the full details.

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