Windows 10 April Update Rolls Out In May

April 25, 2018

More specifically on May 8. This, according to a leak all the way from a land called China. First, it gave us confirmation of the Windows 10 April Update name and then it provided details of the rollout.

Or at least, when Microsoft plans to begin rolling it out for retailers.

Because that is what this report claims, citing an internal memo from a Chinese retail vendor that shows that the rollout date for this new major version of the operating system is May 9, which falls on a Wednesday in China.

Adjusting for time difference, it will be Tuesday, May 8 in the United States.

And coincidentally, Patch Tuesday.

Which you may recall was also when this update was originally destined for rollout. April 10 was the second Tuesday of the month, a time when Microsoft likes to start rolling out patches and updates for its software products.

What’s awkward is that, if this date is correct, we have Version 1803, called the April Update, but rolling out in May. Hopefully, Redmond sees the irony in this and goes for a name change or something.

Anyway, these two tweets from a fairly reliable source is what all this is based on.

April Update Rollout Leak

We also got this image above, after running the above image through Google Translate, which confirms that this relates to Windows RS4, or Redstone 4 that is the codename for this version. The rollout date is claimed to be the morning of May 9, which is afternoon of May 8 in the United States.

All this, assuming Microsoft does not run into another blocking bug or something of that sorts.

That’s because there’s another major event set to take place during this time span.

And that is BUILD 2018 in Redmond that begins May 7.

Busy month ahead.

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