Windows 10 April Update Share Already Hits 50%

Wow, that was fast! Microsoft has a reason to be pleased with the swift adoption of the Windows 10 April Update, with the latest version of the operating system already powering one in two PCs.

That is to say, 50% of compatible Windows 10 PCs.

These newest numbers have been provided by advertising network AdDuplex and are based on the data collected from applications that run its SDK. The statistics are collected on the date of May 29, and the report focuses on the April 2018 update that was released a month ago.

Also known as Version 1803, these figures confirm that it has been installed on 50% of Windows 10 PCs, an unprecedented development.

AdDuplex May 2018

Most of this usage share came from the Fall Creators Update, or Version 1709, which was listed at 92.1% last month. By the same token, Version 1703 saw a decline to 2.9%, down from 3.2%. A modest decline also for Version 1607, which dipped from 2.9% to 2.8%.

The two original versions of the operating system, meanwhile, remained stagnant.

AdDuplex May 2018

Perhaps the biggest reason why Version 1803 is being installed at a much faster rate than previous version is due to the fact that it rolls out to anyone that checks for updates in Windows Update.

In other words, there is no turning back.

AdDuplex May 2018

And if you are interested in the usage share of the OEMs, we find that Dell, Microsoft and MSI had the broadest rollouts.

AdDuplex May 2018

Surface devices are also well above the average 50% usage share for Version 1803.

Save for Surface 3 and the Surface Laptop, the two devices that have not crossed the above mark. The former is very low, at 17%, while the latter reached 37.3%.

What will be interesting is finding out how this adoption keeps up in the following months. More importantly, whether Microsoft will be using the same methods of rolling out the future updates to Windows 10.

Check and install.

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