Windows 10 ARM Benchmarks Hint At A Weak Affair

No one expected Windows 10 ARM based devices to be the most powerful in the room, but it appears that users hoping these machines to offer good performance levels will be left disappointed.

That’s because a series of benchmarks have been making their way to the web, and let’s just say that they are not exactly inspiring.

The latest of these leaks shows off the benchmarks for a 13-inch ARM powered laptop that ASUS is making. It is supposedly codenamed TP370QL, and packs the Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 processor clocked at 2.21 GHz.

Numbers show that the device get around 818 on single core, and 3174 on multicore in Geekbench, and this is not very powerful when compared to some Android devices with the same chipset. There are devices like the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 that score more than double that in both categories.

For the record, the device packs 4GB of RAM and is running the 32-bit version of Windows 10 Pro.

Perhaps this is the reason why Microsoft is promising that these Windows 10 ARM devices will offer really good battery life when they launch later this year. The emphasis is clearly on all-day usage, as opposed to strong performance.

Because obviously, as you may be aware, Redmond first shared details of this new platform back in December of 2016, and we have not exactly seen them hit store shelves almost one year out.

No doubt there will be a market for these types of devices.

But here’s hoping that the performance side of things picks up in future iterations of Windows 10 ARM hardware — as these first-generation machines sure seem a little less thunderous as what some people would have hoped for.

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