Windows 10 Assistive Technologies Free Upgrade Ending Soon

End of the line! Microsoft has decided that it is time to be done with the free assistive technologies upgrade for Windows 10 users, and the deal is coming to an end soon.

Like, December 31 soon.

This was a free upgrade path for users that wanted to avail this offer after Redmond stopped offering its new operating system as a free upgrade to Windows 7 users. Many figured this as an intentional loophole to still upgrade without any cost — as long as they were willing to creatively lie a little.

For others though, disable users and those who had a genuine reason to use the accessibility tools built into the OS, this was a great way to make the move to the latest version for free.

Microsoft, too, had a genuine reason for this delay.

The company was planning to add more accessibility features to Windows 10 through the Anniversary update last year, which was released in July. Since, then we have also had the Creators Update released in December, and the Fall Creators Update that started rolling out last month.

Windows 10 Assistive Technology Upgrade

Redmond, obviously, feels that accessibility is where it needs to be for users, and the company, in a stealthy update to the Windows 10 FAQ page has said that the no cost upgrade will expire at the end of the year.

This change is also reflected in the first paragraph of the Microsoft Assistive Technologies page.

Long story short, if you qualify, you better make your decision to upgrade, before December 31.

Final decision.

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