Windows 10 Bluetooth Quick Pairing Feature Incoming

No more pushing and holding device buttons while watching blinking LED lights? Sign me up, Scotty! There are reports that Microsoft is testing a Bluetooth quick pairing feature for Windows 10.

As reported, this new options is internally called Quick Pair, and will involve holding a headset near a Windows machine, which will then automatically recognize the Bluetooth device and popup an alert. A simple tap will initiate the connection.

Apparently, the functionality works quite similar to Android Fast Pair, and opens up the possibility of Microsoft allowing pairing with all kinds of Bluetooth devices.

And not just Xbox or Surface peripherals.

No idea yet on whether this happens or not, but as the screenshot below shows, Redmond mentions allowing certain Bluetooth devices when they are within range. No explicit mention of any and all devices, but one can hope.

Here’s the screenshot showing this option in the Settings panel:

Bluetooth Quick Pairing

At the very least, this will streamline the occasionally cumbersome process of pairing Bluetooth devices in Windows 10. And should be a very welcome addition to the platform with the Redstone 4 upgrade due for arrival this coming spring.

In case you’re wondering, there has been no mention of this by Microsoft, and neither did the company talk about it in the just released build 17046 that made its way out of Redmond today.

But it’s coming, alright.

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