Windows 10 Build 17692 Brings Good Stuff

Microsoft has released Windows 10 build 17692, a new preview version for the upcoming Redstone 5 refresh of its operating system. And it brings along a ton of new features.

Perhaps the most, as far as notable additions to the OS are concerned.

As the company notes, there is quite a bit to look at in this version — even as development of this next major update is starting to wind down a little when it comes to new additions.

Redstone 5 is due out this fall, after all.

Build 17692 SwiftKey

Anyway, in terms of what’s new, we finally have SwiftKey intelligence now available on Windows, providing you with more accurate autocorrections and predictions by learning your writing style, as well as words, phrases and emojis that you regularly use.

This feature has been available on iOS and Android, and now Windows users also get access to it.

Alongside that, there are a whole bunch of Microsoft Edge improvements incoming that let you define whether sites can automatically play media or not. These were supposed to be part of this build, but the are coming in the next one.

A few WebDriver improvements have also made the cut.

Build 17692 Acrylic Menu

And finally, Microsoft has brought the Acrylic effect to menus.

Build 17692 Text Size

Also notable are some enhancements to Ease of Access, including the return of the highly demanded ability to increase text size across the system. This basically means that you can now make text bigger across the system and apps without having to change the overall scaling of your system, that is.

You will also find some Narrator improvements in this version, which is not surprising, considering just how much attention Microsoft is paying to this side of the OS.

Build 17692 Game Bar

However, what is surprising, are some enhancements for the Game Bar, which now comes with audio controls and performance visualization right within. The company even improved Game Mode a little in this version.

Build 17692 Search

Same goes for Search, as it now lets you find software downloads faster than ever. You will find it faster to find official download pages for the Windows software that you want to install.

And not to be left out, build 17692 also packs in a few handy Windows Mixed Reality improvements.

Power packed, as far as preview releases go, this version.

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