Windows 10 Build 17711 Brings It

Ah, the weekly ritual. Almost weekly, to be accurate. Microsoft has unleashed Windows 10 build 17711 to the Fast ring of its preview program, and this new version packs in a few new niceties.

Particularly related to the Microsoft Edge.

You can gather up the details here, but basically, just like the last build, this one also comes with a bunch of new features. It is from the Redstone 5 development branch, of course, the feature update that should arrive this fall.

Anyway, here’s what’s new.

Build 17711 Edge Page Themes

Learning tools are now richer in Edge, with the browser stirring things up the tools available under Reading View. There are new themes, and you can choose the theme color that you feel is best for your eyes.

It is also possible to change the color in which parts of speech are highlighted, as well as turn on an indicator right over it. This makes it much easier to identify it.

Build 17711 Edge Line Focus

The browser now also helps improve focus while reading an article by highlighting sets of one, three or five lines. Easy enough to change these settings, too.

Build 17711 Edge Autofill Consent

Also new is a consent box for saving Autofill data, where Edge will now seek your permission each time you save your passwords and card details for these purposes.

Some PDF toolbar improvements are also in the mix, where it can simply be invoked by hovering at the top to make the tools easily accessible.

Build 17711 Fluent Design Shadows

Moving on, we have some Fluent Design updates in the form of added depth by shadows. They help provide a visual hierarchy. Starting with this version most of the modern popup type controls in the operating system will have these shadows added, in due time.

Build 17711 Winodws HD Color

On the side of display improvements, we have a new Windows HD Color page available under Display Settings for configuring devices that can show HDR content.

Build 17711 Registry Editor Type

A few Registry Editor enhancements also made the cut, where a dropdown will guide you through the next part of the path that you type. Makes one wonder why this one took so long!

Overall, a pretty significant list of changes, considering development for this next update to Windows 10 should be winding down pretty soon. It is expected to be finalized by September, a couple of months away now.

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