Windows 10 Build 17730 Is Out

What would you say to two builds a week? Well, Microsoft seems to be in on the idea, as the company has released Windows 10 build 17730. And it comes with some good stuff.

This latest release has seen daylight just three days after build 17728 made its way out.

You may recall that the previous build came with the Your Phone feature, although this new option was not activated just yet. Redmond has promised that the feature would arrive later this week, and true to its promise the company has rolled it out.

According to the software giant, the feature is now live.

And as previously detailed, Your Phone allows you to interact with your phone from your PC, including sending and receiving SMS messages, making calls and interacting with the photo gallery.

Perhaps not unsurprisingly, the feature is limited on iPhone, but Android users are in for a treat.

In addition to his anticipated addition, Microsoft has also rolled out support for HTTP/2 and CUBIC for a faster and safer internet. These new web technologies are available both at home and work, and Windows Server 2019 already comes packed.

And finally, the Insider feature update experience with has also been aligned with the retail version of the operating system, and users will now receive the same notifications and experience as what we plan to provide to our retail customers.

As it is clear, Microsoft has started to wind down the development of Redstone 5, as it moves to finalize this version next month.

This usually means more frequent builds in the Fast ring, which is why are here.

Two Fast ring builds this week is a sure sign that Redmond is focusing on fixes and is now ready to roll out more stable builds.

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