Windows 10 Build 18277 Is High On Emojis

Target in sight! The Windows 10 19H1 train chugs along, with a new preview version hitting the Fast ring. We get a few new emojis, but for the most part, build 18277 is all about minor improvements.

Which is fine, which is mighty fine.

As Microsoft outlined in the announcement post, there are small enhancements to Focus Assist, Action Center and more in this version. New emoji characters are part of the package too — which is interesting as Emoji 12 is yet to be finalized.

But Redmond is already in on the act, and is set to be the first to utilize this new version of Unicode.

More on that later, but first the evolution of Focus Assist.

Build 18277 Focus Assist

This feature can now spring into action automatically when you are doing anything full screen, which can be mighty handy when watching a movie or reading a PDF file. Your notifications will be kept quiet until you exit the full screen mode.

Build 18277 Action Center

Microsoft has also brightened the Action Center experience a bit, pun always intended, by making the brightness quick action a slider instead of a button.

On top of that, it is now also possible to easily customize your quick actions right from the Action Center itself without having to go into Settings. Handy improvements these — not only do they save space, they also open up the possibility of adding any quick action on the fly.

Build 18277 Emojis

Speaking of on the fly, this version provides us with the first look at the new emojis that Microsoft has designed for the upcoming Emoji 12 release.

More are being designed as we speak.

Build 18277 High DPI

Users of high DPI displays also have something to look forward to in this version. Windows 10 19H1 will enable the fix scaling for applications setting automatically, thereby reducing the number of times you will get the notification to fix blurry apps.

Build 18277 Application Guard

A few additional Windows Defender Application Guard settings are also part of Windows Security, and the software titan has also refreshed the Japanese IME in this build.

Build 18277 IME

The company also asks for feedback to shape the future of Cortana + Amazon Alexa, and has a short survey for Insiders to complete.

If you are up for it, check out the details at the link above.

On the whole, another fine Windows 10 preview build, this.

No signs yet of the return of the Sets feature, but it is supposed to be back in a version in the near future. No word yet on the rollout of the October 2018 Update either, which was pulled a month ago after the discovery of bugs and issues. But hey, what can you do!

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