Windows 10 Build 18323 Here, As Bug Bash Kicks Off

A couple of notable new developments in the wide world of Windows. With the 19H1 Bug Bash underway, Microsoft has also pushed out Windows 10 build 18323 on what is a fine Thursday evening.

Interestingly, today’s build also marks the version number as 1903.

To the surprising of no one.

What this means is that the RTM build for this version of the operating system, currently codenamed Windows 10 19H1, should arrive in March. And barring any unforeseen issues, we should see the public rollout in April.

Getting back to the build in question, though, the company has revealed a handful of changes in this latest preview release.

Build 18323 RAW

For starters, there is improved support for the RAW image format in the OS. This is great for those who shoot in this format and want their camera files to be natively supported by Windows. The company also has a RAW codec package that it will deliver form the Windows Store.

You can check that out here.

Perhaps a bit more interesting is the fact that Microsoft has improve the Light theme a little, fixing a number of issues that users reported over the past couple of months.

You can check out the complete details at the blog post linked above.

All this is happening while the latest Bug Bash is underway.

Things kicked off on Wednesday, January 23, as scheduled. And Windows Insiders have the opportunity to complete various quests and surveys, and report back on their experiences, as well as any bugs that they may come across the OS.

Redmond is, once again, completely ignoring the Slow ring Insiders this time around, meaning a massive portion of Windows Insiders might not be participating in this bug quashing exercise.

Not the smartest of strategies, but what can you say!

Yes, ISO files for 19H1 are available, but they are rather old — build 18290 is what you will be able to get if you want to do a fresh install for Bug Bash. But that basically means that you will miss out on some of the quests, like the one for enabling Reserved Storage.

Still, one can hope that the company gets as many people on board to test out 19H1, ahead of its eventual release this spring.

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