Windows 10 Build 18329 Runs Programs In Mixed Reality

Windows 10 Build 18329 Runs Programs In Mixed Reality

Who can say no to a nice little preview build on Friday, just before the weekend? I know I can’t. Microsoft is here with Windows 10 build 18329 for Insiders enrolled in the Fast ring of the program.

And it comes packing a few interesting little features.

While there were some doubts whether the development team will be able to release a new version this week or not, they pulled it off. As the release note indicate, they even managed to bundle in a handful of improvements in here, too.

The highlights being Win32 apps now being supported in Windows Mixed Reality, as well as the addition of top apps to search.

Let’s get down to business, shall we?

Build 18329 Search Top Apps

First off, we have access to top applications in Search. This feature is designed to provide you with quick access to the apps you use the most — no typing required. Handy little feature that should help you better find the applications you need to open.

Build 18329 Mixed Reality Programs

Speaking of opening applications, you can now run your classic desktop programs in mixed reality.

If you want to, for some reason.

Windows Mixed Reality can launch programs like Spotify, Paint.NET, Winamp, or Visual Studio Code, just like how it can launch Store apps. Microsoft warns, though, that this feature is still in development and you can encounter bugs. Which is understandable at this point in time.

Build 18329 Keyboard ADLaM

Microsoft has also introduced keyboard support for ADLaM and Osage, which are languages spoken in West Africa and Oklahoma.

Build 18329 Mail Dark Mode

Building on the previous release, the company has also extended Dark mode to Mail and Calendar items. It now works when composing a new message, updating a calendar item or reading your email.

This, Redmond hopes, will provide a calmer reading experience for people that work in low light environments. Or even those that prefer screens that are less bright to help reduce eye strain. Either way, no one would say not to this option.

Build 18329 Mail Default Font

No one would say on to the default font option too, which has been a top requested feature from customers. You can now customize how your new messages will look.

Obviously, the biggest addition in this new release is support for Win32 software on Windows Mixed Reality. The UWP platform has been designed for the creation of one app that runs on all devices, regardless of form factors. And this gets us one giant step closer to that reality.

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