Windows 10 Build 19028 Lands In The Fast Ring

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It’s Tuesday. And as is custom, we have a new Windows 10 build vying for our attention. This time around, Microsoft has made available build 19028 in the Fast ring of its preview program.

This is, of course, form the 20H1 development branch.

You can read up on the details here, but the big story here is that just the like the builds from the past two weeks, this one is high of fixes and low on features. In fact, there are no new front-facing features at all in this version.

More credibility for the rumor that 20H1 will hit RTM in December.

Will it?

Whether that happens or not, this much is sure that Redmond is putting the finishing touches on this new version of the OS. Even if the regular folks will not get access to the final bits until the spring, Insider will have access to 20H1 rather soon, it seems.

As noted, Microsoft is focused on improving and optimizing this version of the operating system. And to that end, the company has a bunch of fixes, improvements and known issues for your consideration in this new build.

Details of which you can you glean from the link above.

If you are on the Fast ring channel, you can grab today’s build through Windows Update. If not, you can sign up for the Windows Insider Program and get started with the good stuff.

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