Windows 10 Build 20170 Arrives With Improved Sound Settings

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After skipping out on a build release last week, Microsoft is back with one this time. Windows 10 build 20170 is available in the Dev channel, and comes with one new feature.

Adding to the massive feature dump from two weeks ago.

This new version of the preview brings over more audio settings from the Control Panel to Settings, which is pretty much the only major addition here. And it is part of the company’s drive to transition all the options from the applet to the new app.

Basically, the Settings app now lets you know which device is default. And if not, you can set it as your default device or default communication device from the Settings > System > Sound > Manage sound devices panel.

Microsoft has also updated the volume mixer to include a link to the per app audio settings that you can use to redirect audio endpoints per app.

The company promises more in this space, and we can expect additional settings to make the jump.

Build 20170 Settings Icon

As for the rest of the features, Redmond continues to update the iconography across the operating system. There is a new Settings icon in this build, which looks pretty neat on the new Start Menu with theme-aware tiles that was introduced in build 20616.

Furthermore, an experimental implementation of Transport Layer Security (TLS) 1.3 is enabled by default starting with this build.

And that’s about it in terms of the additions.

Build 20170 comes from the Iron development branch, though it isn’t tied to the 21H1 release specifically. The new features you see here may arrive in the next spring update, or they may not arrive at all — such is the state of the releases in the Dev channel.

A word about those PCs powered by an AMD processor. You will have to skip this build due to a bug that Microsoft was not able to quash in time.

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