Windows 10 Build 20175 Arrives With A Few New Features

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As is routine on Wednesdays. Microsoft has released Windows 10 build 20175 to the Dev channel. And this newest build brings with it a couple of good features.

Nothing major, only a few welcome additions.

Redmond details them here, while confirming that this build comes with support for AMD processors, which the previously released build 20170 was not. This is notable because people on build 20161 or earlier are receiving messages that their build will expire on July 31.

Meaning, if you have a PC that houses an AMD chip, then you’ll want to grab this build.

What you will get if you do, comes down to a bunch of new additions.

First up is improved pinned sites in Microsoft Edge, where clicking a pinned site on the Taskbar now shows you all of the open tabs for that website across any of your Edge windows, just like you might expect for any app with multiple open windows.

This feature is in early preview, and is currently rolling out to a subset of Insiders.

Build 20175 Eye Contact

Another new addition is Eye Contact for the Surface Pro X, which is something that was touted back in November when the device was unveiled. It makes use of the AI capabilities of the Microsoft SQ1 processor to help you adjust your gaze on video calls so you appear to be looking directly at the camera.

Microsoft has also reintroduced the ability to reset your UWP app using the Reset-AppxPackage command in PowerShell. This offers the benefit of running commands for certain system components that may not be available for reset in Settings.

Like the Start Menu, for example.

Rounding up the new additions are new icons for Snip & Sketch and Sticky Notes, though these are of course, independent of the build.

Speaking of which, you can grab this build via Windows Update.

As is routine on Wednesdays.

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