Windows 10 Build 21322 removes 3D Viewer and Paint 3D

March 10, 2021

Wednesday is the time for a new test build of Microsoft’s flagship operating platform. And the version that strolled out today is build 21322, and it is a real interesting one.

That’s because there aren’t really any new features, but a few that area going away.

You can check out the announcement post for the full details of what’s going where, and what other changes it brings. There are a handful of them, including some really minor features like the option to paste as plain text from clipboard history that is now rolling out for all Insiders in the Dev channel.

The News and Interests rollout is being reset, so those of you who had it in previous builds may just not have it anymore once you deploy this one. Reason for this is because Microsoft wants to add an option where it will only open if you click on it, as opposed to when you hover on it as well.

Bit unfortunately, really, when you consider the company has three separate rings for Insider preview testing, and still doing A/B tests for users that explicitly opted into a ring to take the latest and greatest features for a test drive at the price of system stability.

Oh well.

Next up, we have two major departures.

3D Viewer and Paint 3D are finally going away, at least if you install a clean version of the OS. You are not going to get these apps anymore preinstalled, though you can still get them from the Microsoft Store.

This news comes on the heels of another change that happened a couple of weeks back, where Microsoft removed the 3D Objects folder.

So, you can say the 3D dream has faded.

Oh well.

Rounding up a few other changes, theme-aware splash screens are reenabled now, while the Math Input Panel is being removed due to increasingly low usage. The input control and match recognition engine that powered the app remains as an optional feature, though.

That’s about it. You can install this preview build via Windows Update, as usual.

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