Windows 10 build 21337 in the house with new features

March 17, 2021
Windows 10 Wallpaper Light

Right on schedule, Microsoft has released a new preview version of its OS. Windows 10 build 21337 is now out, and unlike most builds, it brings along a bunch of new features.

As can be gleaned from the announcement post, there’s quite a bit new this time actually.

Build 21337 Virtual Desktops

For one thing, it is now possible to customize and organize your virtual desktops. You can drag and drop them in Task View, or right-click one and choose to move it to left or right. The wallpaper on a virtual desktop can also be changed.

Another new addition is Auto HDR, a feature designed for gaming PCs that is now in preview. Turning it on automatically gets you HDR visuals when playing over a thousand DirectX 11 and DirectX 12 games.

Build 21337 File Explorer

File Explorer is also getting some changes, including a new compact mode that brings you back to the classic layout of the file management program. This can be found in the View tab on the ribbon, and turned on from there.

Build 21337 Captions

We also have settings for Captions that are getting updated.

And then there are some changes to the inbox apps. Notepad is now going to be updated via the Microsoft Store, Windows Terminal is now an inbox app, and the same holds true for Power Automate Desktop.

What this means is that the latter two applications are now going to be bundled with Windows 10 from now on.

That’s about it when it comes to new features. There is the usual round of fixes and improvements, and an array of bugs and known issues that are norm with almost all new Windows 10 preview builds. Just be aware of them when deploying it.

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