Windows 10 build 21359 comes with a few quirky changes

April 14, 2021
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Right on schedule, Microsoft has released a new preview build. Windows 10 build 21359 has landed in the Dev channel, and it comes with a couple of peculiar changes.

You might recall that last week, the firm switched over to the co_release branch.

So, unsurprisingly there is not much in the way of new features in this build. Save for a few minor changes that you may or may not appreciate. Details on them below, but do note that there are a lot of fixes and improvements in this one.

Find out what these are if you are installing this version by giving the announcement post a scan.

Anyway, in terms of new things, there is a new option to restart apps after signing in, which now appears in the Power menu. When this setting is checked, it toggles the option under Settings. This is simply a faster way to go to that.

Build 21359 Restart Apps

Whether there was a need for this option here, is something that folks are going to have conflicting opinions on.

Likewise, another change that Microsoft has made is going to raise some eyebrows.

Starting with this build, you can’t upload new activity to Timeline anymore, meaning you will need to use OneDrive or Office to view recent files. Web history can now be viewed in Edge and other browsers that have the option to look back at recent internet activities.

This might be an indication that Microsoft might be getting ready to wind down the Timeline feature, but we’ll have to wait and see.

As always, you can grab the build through Windows Update. If you are not on the Dev channel, you can enroll via the Windows Insider tab in Settings.

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