Windows 10 Can Now Throttle Update Downloads

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In other words, it can now better throttle the download of updates via Windows Update as well as other downloads from the Windows Store. And these new options are all set for arrival this month.

As part of the upcoming Windows 10 version 2004.

Installing updates for the Windows operating system isn’t always the smoothest of experiences. If anything, Windows 10 users have it particularly tough, what with Microsoft going in with a SaaS philosophy for the platform.

Yet, at the same time, the process is even more complex for people that are confined with a slow Internet connection speed. The biggest drawback being the fact that downloading large updates slows down pretty much everything that they do on their device.

Managing the download speed and available bandwidth is essential for these users.

Well, good news, for Windows 10 version 2004 come with notable improvements in this regard. While bandwidth control is already available in the current version of the OS, this latest update actually lets you configure how much bandwidth should be used for the process.


Windows 10 Bandwidth Control

As Microsoft explains, these improvements are based on the user feedback it received after Windows 10 received the first bandwidth controls for Windows Update.

Solid stuff.

These new controls can be accessed in the Advanced Options screens of Windows Update. You can either use absolute bandwidth values or percentage of measured bandwidth, both with different options. There is also a monthly upload limit selection here.

Should go a long way in alleviating the concerns of bandwidth starved users, these.

Are you one such user? Strained with monthly quotas or bandwidth limits? Let’s hear your thoughts on these improvements. Or are you fortunate enough to have speedy Internet access? The comment box below is the place to brag, then!

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