Windows 10 Cumulative Update Shows Up, Disappears

July 28, 2017

Poof! A new Windows 10 cumulative update made a special appearance, for some users, at least, before Microsoft quickly pulled the plug on it. But not before it was caught on camera!

Cumulative Update KB4032188 is the one in question.

It was spotted on July 27, specifically on systems running the Creators Update, which apparently this new release is aimed at. But for one reason or another, this new update is no longer available for download.

What’s more, the official KB page has been pulled down as well.

Famous Microsoft watcher, and part-time leaker, WZor, caught eye of this cumulative update, and has posted the released notes of this update that apparently was supposed to bump the version number of the operating system to 15063.501.

Here are all the juicy highlights:

So basically, this update was all about bug fixes.

Redmond usually likes to ship out security improvements as part of the Patch Tuesday update cycle, and all versions of Windows 10 have already received their share of patches for vulnerabilities earlier this month.

KB4032188, then, brought along fixes for such interesting things like Skype calls becoming unresponsive after 20 minutes when using certain Bluetooth headsets, device drivers not loading correctly and impacting USB Type-C stability.

Windows Store users also got a patch for the error that read the app had encountered an error, and asked them to sign in again later — a rather widespread problem.

Anyway, goes without saying that this new cumulative update will be officially rolled out to all users in the coming days. Microsoft probably encountered some issues with delivery, or needed more time to improve upon a fix, or something.

You don’t make all these preparations and then not release it.

We’ll let you know when KB4032188 starts flying off of Microsoft servers once again!

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