Windows 10 Delve App Dropped

Microsoft has confirmed that it is no longer developing the Windows 10 Delve app, and plans to replace it with an improved search experience on the operating system Taskbar.

In case you are unware, Delve was an Office 365 data visualization and discovery tool that incorporated elements of social networking and machine learning. Was, because the application was recently removed from the Microsoft Store.

It turns out, that the reason for that is because the software titan wants to replace the app by integrating Delve into the Taskbar search on the OS.

Redmond, actually urges users that are looking for the app to use the web version, and a statement on the Delve support page does not even explain why the application was removed from Windows 10. In fact, a company spokesperson gave a rather interesting explanation:

“As we announced at Ignite, we continue to enhance the search and discovery experiences across Microsoft 365. As part of this, we’re focusing our efforts on the Windows taskbar search experience which includes content and people inside your organization, as well as content on your local device, and on the rich web search experience including Delve and other search bars within Office 365.”

Add two and two together, and we have a situation developing here.

Microsoft, as you may be aware, working to make Cortana more like the Spotlight feature that Apple has available on macOS. The digital assistant is set to pick support for searching emails and contacts, among other things.

And it’s apparent that Microsoft wants to change things up completely how searches are conducted on both Windows and Office 365.

Looks like we are in for a big integration in the coming months.

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