Windows 10 Dual Boot On Chromebooks Soon?

Looks like Chromebook users are in for a treat. Buzz among the bees is that Google is working on allowing users to dual boot Windows 10 with Chrome OS on its machines.

This report provides mode details on this project, codenamed Campfire.

Nice name.

Rumors on this are not new, and have been doing the rounds for months actually. But it is now starting to become clear that Google is indeed adding some sort of dual boot functionality that may very well be similar to the Apple Boot Camp experience.

In other words, a seamless setup to dual boot Windows 10 and Chrome OS.

That said, there will be some barriers to entry here, and this functionality will not be available on all Chromebooks. Google is targeting midrange and above Chrome OS devices for this, and the bottom of the barrel budget ones will miss out.


For starters, most ARM based processors will not work with Windows 10. That is to say the special OP1 Chromebook chip is out of the picture here.

Additionally, a Chromebook would need to have at least 40GB of internal storage, with 30GB of that dedicated to Windows 10. In other words, entry level models that come with 16GB are out of luck.

Anyway, according to the report, the feature will be called Alt OS mode, and it is rather incomplete as of this writing. Chances are that we could see an announcement from Google later this year, possibly at its hardware event in a couple of months.

It could very well be the defining feature of Pixelbook 2.

Wouldn’t that be something!

What do you make of this surprising new development? Should Microsoft even allow this functionality on competing hardware? And would you buy a Chromebook for the Windows experience?

Sure, there’s no shortage of Android tablets that dual boot Windows 10, but keeping in mind the fact that Chromebooks have been a raging success lately in the education market, this is a big move.

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