Windows 10 Fall Creators Update Market Share Already At 5.3%

It has been a week since Microsoft launched the Windows 10 Fall Creators Update, but this latest version of the operating system is already on 5.3% of PCs.

This has been revealed by AdDuplex, as the advertising network published its monthly usage breakdown for Windows devices. This information is based on the 5,000 Windows Store apps that use the company’s SDK, with the data collected over the date of October 24.

Although the numbers also include Insiders that have the Fall Creators Update, it shows that this version of the OS is off to a good start — the Creators Update was found to be on 9.8% of devices on April 24, which was 19 days after it was initially released.

Overall, though, the Anniversary Update had reached a 92% usage share by the time the Creators Update launched. The latter is now only at 74.6%.

Next up is the breakdown of Surface devices that reveal the Surface Book has the largest share of PCs upgraded to the latest feature update, followed closely by then Surface Pro.

The Windows 10 S running Surface Laptop is the second lowest in this list, which is understandable as it is impossible to force the upgrade with the Update Assistant app on this particular device. These users have to wait for the official update notification.

On the Windows Phone side of things, there is not much to report on the OS versions.

Windows Phone 8.1 is still on the vast majority of devices, while Windows Phone 7 and 8 are also on 5% of the handsets. Windows 10 Mobile is still on 20.9%, and this is a number that will likely not change anytime soon.

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