Windows 10 Fall Creators Update Market Share Now At 90%

And just in the nick of time, too! Microsoft is all set to release the next major version of its flagship OS, but in the meantime, Windows 10 Fall Creators Update is charting new heights.

Heights of adoption, that is.

That’s because, according to the latest monthly usage breakdown published by AdDuplex, the current version of the operating system is now running on some 90.4% of Windows 10 PCs. This data was collected on March 26, from the 5,000 or so Microsoft Store apps that ran the company SDK.

According to the report, this milestone comes after five months of release of the Fall Creators Update, which was found to be powering 85% of the computers last month.

AdDuplex March 2018

Of course, this is a figure that will now begin to decline once the Spring Creators Update starts shipping in a couple of weeks from now. But nevertheless, this should be pleasing news for Microsoft, as fragmentation is the last thing the company needs for Windows 10.

AdDuplex March 2018

More pleasing news should be the fact that the Fall Creators Update had a faster rollout than its predecessor.

Remarkable set of numbers, but it grew 5% this month, 10% last month, 20% the month before that, and 30% the previous month.

AdDuplex March 2018

AdDuplex also shared OEM standings.

And while most companies rolled out this version at a similar pace, Lenovo came out at the bottom due to its popularity in the business sector. Microsoft was smack in the middle, while Medion and MSI were the quickest out the gates.

AdDuplex March 2018

Staying with the OEMs, we have confirmation that HP kept its top spot, with Dell and Lenovo next, and below them, ASUS and Acer.

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