Windows 10 Fall Creators Update Off To A Hot Start

Hot stuff! The Windows 10 Fall Creators Update is already installed on 20.5% of compatible PCs, the latest statistics from AdDuplex have revealed. All this, more or less, a month after rollout.

This new version of the operating system saw daylight last month.

And the Windows Device Statistics Report that the advertising network released for November 2017 confirms that the latest major Windows 10 release is propagating faster than Creators Update — at least in this early launch phase.

These numbers are based on the data collected from around 5,000 Windows Store apps.

As the chart below shows, things have been pretty steady for the Fall Creators Update, though it continues to share the spotlight with two other versions of the operating system, namely Creators Update and the one before it, Anniversary Update.

AdDuplex November 2017

A more interesting picture is painted when you take a look at the Fall Creators Update growth by OEMs, with Microsoft coming well ahead of other PC makers, as 45.4% of Surface devices are already running version 1709.

AdDuplex November 2017

Speaking of Surface devices, the new Surface Pro is gaining ground fast, with a 9.2% market share worldwide. The Surface Book 2 is already showing in the charts, though only with a 0.4% slice of the pie.

AdDuplex November 2017

Unfortunately, nothing much to report on the Windows 10 Mobile front.

The company said last month that only 20.9% of Windows powered phones were running any version of the abovementioned mobile OS. And considering the fact that according to AdDuplex, these numbers are not really changing much for a couple of months now, it’s fair to expect things to be at a standstill.

Still, as far as the Fall Creators Update on the PC is concerned, it’s hot stuff!

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