Windows 10 Fall Creators Update Plays Nice With Antivirus Programs

Microsoft today provided new details on the changes it has in store for how Windows 10 interacts with antivirus and other security software in the Fall Creators Update.

This, the company announced while burying the hatchet with Kaspersky Labs.

After the security vendor filed an antitrust complaint in Russia and Europe.

Basically, the software titan has a new system in place to notify users about expiring antivirus programs. Along with that, Redmond will also work closely with developers of security software, increasing the time these partners have to review final builds before Windows 10 feature updates are rolled out.

As Microsoft puts it, toast notifications will no longer be used to remind users of security software.

Instead, a more prominent system is being put in place in the operating system, one that does not bury the reminders to renew licenses, where users cannot find them:

“We have modified how Windows will inform users when their antivirus application has expired and is no longer protecting them. Instead of providing an initial toast notification that users could ignore, the new notification will persist on the screen until the user either elects to renew the existing solution or chooses to rely on Windows Defender or another solution provider.”

As for developers, they will now get a better chance, and more time, to look for compatibility issues in advance of each major update.

Though Redmond has not revealed the specifics as to how much each time company will get.

Either way, these are positive developments, and should help with the overall security in Windows 10, no matter if you are running Windows Defender, or any other antivirus or antimalware program separately, or alongside it.

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