Windows 10 Fall Creators Update Share Climbs To 85%

That’s a solid showing. Concerns over fragmentation have been real in the world of Windows lately, but if the Windows 10 Fall Creators Update has shown anything, it’s that Microsoft is on the right track.

Of ensuring that users are running the latest version of its operating system, that is.

And that is because, according to the numbers revealed in the latest AdDuplex report, the usage share of the older versions of the OS is rapidly declining. The Fall Creators Update is taking charge, jumping double digit, and going from 74.3% last month to 85% this.

AdDuplex February 2018 AdDuplex February 2018

As a result, the share of the Creators Update fell from 17.2% to 8.1%.

AdDuplex February 2018

Now, while these are the overall figures for the latest version of Windows, there are some regions in the world that are beyond this mark, while others are well below. For example, in countries like Canada, Denmark, and Germany it’s above 90%, while in China and India it’s still under the 60% mark.

AdDuplex February 2018

Moving from software to hardware, we take a look at how Surface is doing.

Well, as things stand, the Surface Pro is now the third most popular model. Interesting for something that made its way out in 2017. Surface Laptop does not seem to be going anywhere, and the Surface Book is doing just okay.

For the record, these figures are from the data collected on February 20, and is based on the 5,000 or so Microsoft Store apps that use the AdDuplex SDK.

Not a bad month, as far as months go!

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