Windows 10 Fall Creators Update To Improve Game Mode

Windows 10 Fall Creators Update is filled with new features left and right, and although Microsoft’s focus with this refresh is more on connectivity than creativity, the company is also adding in improvements.

One such area that is seeing these improvements, is gaming.

More specifically, the Game Mode in the operating system that debuted with the Creators Update earlier this year. This functionality allowed players to optimize the use of their hardware, although real world usage showed little uptick in performance.

Now, though, the software titan has revealed that it is updating this feature in the Fall Creators Update to make your PC function as if it was an Xbox game console.

In other words, extracting every drop of juice from the processing hardware:

“With the Fall Creators Update, we’ve updated Game Mode, which allows your games to use the full processing power of your device as if it was an Xbox game console, right from a new button on the Game bar. And to take advantage of this power, we have a fantastic lineup of Xbox Play Anywhere games coming including, Cuphead, Forza Motorsport 7, Super Lucky’s Tale and Middle-earth: Shadow of War.”

Again, complete technical details are not yet available.

Neither Microsoft, nor any other source, has revealed any statistics and benchmarks between the previous and new version of Game Mode in Windows 10. Chances are that this does not have too major an impact on mid-tier or high-end systems, but lower-end PCs should see some enhancements.

Hopefully, we get some numbers soon.


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