Windows 10 File Explorer – Still Broken But a Fix is On The Way

December 19, 2019
Windows 10 File Explorer

Microsoft has promised to get a fix out for it – but not yet.

Recently we told you that the November 2019 update broke File Explore for many users and the problems continue to plague us. To date, even with all the updates flying around, Microsoft has not come up with a fix for it.

Why did it break?

Because Microsoft decided to play around with it and added the ability to search OneDrive storage as well as local storage.

File Explorer is a big part of Windows and users are pretty annoyed, understandably, that no fix has yet been released. However, the latest preview builds of Windows 10 20H1 appear to show that the fix is on the way but that’s not due for release until early in the new year.

What’s even more annoying is this – that preview build, 19013, was sent to testers BEFORE the November 2019 update. Know what that means? Yep, Microsoft released the update knowing there was an issue with it – an issue that would affect the vast majority of its customers.

So, unless you are intending to install an early version of the next big update, you’ve no choice but to wait until Microsoft releases 20H1 – spring 2020, perhaps?

This isn’t the first dodgy update Microsoft has issued and no doubt it won’t be the last but with Windows 7 coming to its End of Life in January 2020, Microsoft might need to pull a few early punches if they want more people on Windows 10 – constantly shipping broken updates is not a good look for them.

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