Windows 10 Gets Automatic Driver Updates

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Driver change! As part of the steps Microsoft has taken to streamline updates on Windows 10, the company has announced that hardware partners will be able to push automatic driver updates in the operating system.

This feature will become part of the OS, beginning with the upcoming version 2004.

Hardware companies will soon get the ability to push automatic driver updates to their device, while still retaining the option of manual releases.

Automatic Driver Updates

Microsoft is embracing a new strategy that it calls “Manual Drivers”, which it has now detailed. The big idea is to allow driver makers to detect issues faster in the operating system, while at the same time prevent broke updates from reaching more devices.

As explained in the Hardware Dev Center:

“Allowing Automatic drivers to be offered to Windows 10 clients during throttling via the new Windows Update UX, enabling support teams to quickly address driver issues in the field without waiting for a full release.

The “Manual” delivery option requires the publisher to specifically choose it and explain the business justification for the choice. The drivers that are submitted through the “Manual” path will be offered to applicable machines through the new Windows Update UX.”

That is to say, the software titan will continue to allow partners to offer these updates manually where they see fit.

And despite the drivers being offered as automatic, they will still ship as part of a gradual release.

Meaning, not everyone will get these drivers at the same time. This will allow Microsoft and partner companies to keep tabs on things if something goes wrong with certain driver updates, and pull them before more device deploy and install them.

Good stuff.

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