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You’d have to think really hard to name a more controversial topic in the world of Windows 10 than the telemetry service Microsoft has baked into it to gather diagnostic data from the operating system.

There is no shortage of users accusing the company of collecting too much of their information, despite the Redmond giant claiming the contrary. The firm has been, well, firm in its stance that it only collects data that is used in servicing and optimizing the OS.

In fact, according to the software titan, this data is necessary to keep Windows 10 up and running in the best of shape and resolve any issues that users may come across.

This is one reason why it has bundled more advanced controls to view and manage the telemetry data in modern operating system. But as far as enterprise users are concerned, up until now they have only had two different options in this regard.

The first allowed Microsoft to control everything and determine what exactly it collected to improve Windows 10, while the second option disabled the diagnostic data entirely, thereby blocking the OS from sending any data to Microsoft servers.

But now, the company is experimenting with a third option:

“Customers will have a third option that allows them to be the controller for their Windows 10 diagnostic data, while still benefiting from the purposes that this data serves, such as quality of updates and device drivers. Under this approach, Microsoft will act as a data processor, processing Windows diagnostic data on behalf of the controller.”


Basically, enterprises running Windows 10 will now be able to decide what data they want to send to Microsoft. Yet, at the same time, the software titan will continue to be the data processor.

The software titan says that this is part of its big bet on transparency, and this new Windows diagnostic data control is a step in that direction. However, this feature is only available as a preview for now, though customers can actually give it a try before the official rollout of this option.

Worth mentioning here again that these changes are meant for enterprise customers, and consumers rocking Windows 10 will continue to be offered two options.

Basic and Full.

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