Windows 10 Getting An Improved Screen Clipping Feature

Redstone 5 may be a few months away, but we are already getting indication of new features that may be part of this upcoming Windows 10 version. Like an improved screen clipping option, for example.

It was, in fact, a little while ago that we got our first hint at this.

Regular Microsoft watcher, and leaker, WalkingCat, suggested that the company was developing a new screen clipping experience. This was found to be hidden in Windows 10 Redstone 5 build 17627 and was actually a UWP implementation.

Which is to say, a modern Universal Windows Platform app.

And as the tweet above reveals, the leaker found the resources in a Redstone 5 build, which actually lets users capture left screen, right screen or both screens. A rather peculiar way to put it, as there is no Microsoft device in the market right now that has these types of screens.

Not yet, anyway.

But if the rumored Surface Phone is real, then there is every chance that this improved screen clipping feature is designed with that in mind.

WalkingCat further said that the screen clipping experience allowed user to draw a shape on the screen and create a screen snip. Rather useful for clipping out images and putting them in a digital journal with dual screens, don’t you think?

In any case, there are no shortage of screen sniping and screen capture utilities on the Windows platform.

However, if Microsoft is planning something new of this sort, then it is clear that the software titan may have more than just software to reveal with the Redstone 5 update later this year. We may well get to see the mythic Surface Phone make its first appearance alongside it.

All rumors for now, but something surely is cooking.

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