Windows 10 Home Will No Longer Force Updates

Finally! Windows 10 Home users have a good thing coming in the upcoming 19H1 release, with signs that Microsoft will no longer force updates on this version of the operating system.

Right now, these users receive updates as soon as the company releases them.

With no option to pause the deployment.

However, there are signs of sanity now, with a report that Redmond could be changing this approach with the release of the 19H1 update in April. The company will allow uses on the Home SKU to pause updates for up to 7 days.

This means that these patches and updates will no longer be downloaded and installed right away, and users can push them back up to a week if they want.

You know, to confirm and verify whether they are safe to deploy and not causing any issues.

Windows 10 Home Pause Updates

The ability to defer updates has been offered on the Windows 10 Pro and Enterprise versions of the operating system for quite some time now. Windows 10 Home users felt like guinea pigs that Microsoft was using to test these updates, but no more.

This functionality is already available for testing by Insiders on the Fast ring of the Windows Insider Program, and things could change after the preview stage.

For example, Microsoft could well increase the delay to 35 days, similar to how Windows 10 Pro devices are allowed to pause their updates.

At the very least, a fortnight sound like a good bare minimum here, as 14 days are more than enough to confirm whether an update is misbehaving and pull it.

Hopefully, we get some official confirmation on this from Microsoft soon.

But overall, this is a step in the right direction.

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