Windows 10 Insider Builds Causing A Ruckus On Surface Pro 3

Old and new. Never a dull moment when old and new don’t play nicely together. This is the case here, as the latest Windows 10 Insider builds that was recently released is causing issues.

Installation issues on the Surface Pro 3.

This is a rather old tablet now, considering all the new hardware Microsoft has launched. Still supported of course, wholeheartedly. Though not without an occasional hiccup here and there, which users are quick to report to Microsoft.

As they have done this time around, too.

An entire Reddit thread surfaced about this, while the Microsoft Answers forum was also made aware of the presence of this problem where the Surface Pro 3 no longer booted into Windows 10 after the latest Insider builds were deployed.

In most cases, build 16288 and 16362 are the ones where the tablet will not move past the boot screen with the spinning dots. Resetting and automatic repair did not resolve the issue.

Dona Sarkar has acknowledged that the company is aware of this, promising more information soon:

In the meantime, the only way to resolve this is to take the extreme measure of resetting the Surface Pro 3 to an older build of Windows 10. This involves using a USB recovery key, and will take an hour or so to get through.

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